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Hi there

I am Natalie Puckett. I thrive on transforming a concept into an aesthetic deliverable. Under

the grand umbrella of creativity, my passions include graphic design, creating brand identities, copywriting, typography, event planning, recreational painting, & interior decorating (for myself).


But of these, graphic design is my favorite.

From 9am–5pm, you'll find me at Wharton Center for Performing Arts at Michigan State University as their copywriter & graphic designer. I strive to refine my strengths & grow in

my weaknesses, which is precisely why I decided to pursue my Master of Arts in Strategic Communications at MSU. A day doesn't go by without optimism, compassion, & coffee

(but I'm not opposed to a strong early grey).


If spare time exists, I exercise mine through figure skating, reading, traveling to local gems, petting corgis that I meet on the street, & eating—lactose-free—ice cream.

"The two most important days of your life are the day you are born, & the day you find out why."  ~ Mark Twain

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I love to connect, collaborate, & make new friends.

You tell me where the coffee is & I'll meet you there.

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