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Keyboard and Mouse

Strategic Communications

This course began with the reminder of digital marketing's foundation, & taught the new, relevant innovations of social media's influence in the market today. This comprehensive digital marketing plan for the non-profit CultureSource is a great representation of all that I absorbed.

Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 1_edited.jpg

As a graphic designer, I thrived in this course with the imagination & execution of my dream brand. From business outline & style guide, to detailed media plan & website mockup, I brought cocktails + coffee + cake to life (almost).

CAS831-Natalie Puckett-Logo-final-01_edited_edited.jpg

After 17+ years of education, this course championed as my favorite. In addition to the timeliness of my professional growth, this class challenged my thought processes, guided me in aligning my actions with my values, & taught many valuable lessons about myself & how to view others. Also, I've never written more than in this course.


Until this required course, I had not found satisfaction in creating a research plan. I explored my passion for creativity & developed a faux experiment to learn about how individuals identify as creative or not creative, & what their lives look like in response to their own self-assurance.

Leather Cases

There were so many assets developed in this course, I dedicated another class section to DCCCP in order to showcase another one of my portfolio elements (linked to the course title above).

CAS831-Natalie Puckett-Logo-final-02_edited.jpg

This is where the magic happpens. While very challenging, this course was instrumental in my real-world application of strategic communications. Accumulating knowledge from all previously completed courses, the first half of this class was dedicated to a group project—ending with a crisis communications simulation—& the second half with an introspective dive into my eportfolio.

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